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November 13, 2009
What a great experience it was last weekend to join a band of other skilled craftsman in Bridgeport for one single cause... to build an access ramp for little Davina Martins. The pool of talent to show up for this event was truly impressive. 

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It is only fitting that my very first blog entry acknowledges those people who believed in us and our idea, from its inception… The people who demonstrated their support in so many helpful ways, so that Accessible Answers LLC could become a reality. To you, I am eternally grateful.

To my wife Hope, who never doubted me for a second. She has written her own marriage vows during the past 10 years we’ve been married… not in words, but in her actions. Hope, thank you for your patience. And thank you for choosing me.

To my parents, (my very first aging-in-place customers) who encouraged me to always do what I love, so that I will always love what I do.

To my SCORE counselor Norm, who after reading the first draft of my business plan, simply said “Kevin, I think you can do this!”, and then proceeded (and continues) to help me find the ways.

To my Mother-in-Law Jan, whose crusade included distributing business cards to every local organization she felt had a mission similar to our own… not to mention to all her friends at the New Canaan YMCA.

To my lawyer Mary Keating of Tibbetts Keating & Butler in Darien, who immediately recognized the need for a business like this in our community. Her guidance has been much more than that of legal counsel. She has shared her personal insights, her networking contacts, and her valuable time evaluating my communication materials for appropriate message and tone (much of which she did not even bill me for).

To Bob and Sandy, former customers who quickly became my friends. But how many friends are willing to hand-deliver over 60 business cards to their neighbors expecting nothing in return? I can readily name two of them… because this is exactly what Bob and Sandy did for me.

To my dear neighbor Sharon, who offered to put an Accessible Answers magnetic sign on her own car to help spread the good word.

To my close friends and family who gave me enough side-work to keep me busy while developing this business.

To my web designer Matt Bryers, who pulled out all the stops to get this website up and running just hours before our story was to appear in a local paper.

And of course to Ceil, who somehow managed to find the time to help research and develop this business while juggling two other jobs and taking classes.

I know these are difficult times, and it’s hard to say what the future holds for any new business. But for as long as we strive to live up to the examples set by the people who believed in us, we create very little room for failure.

I’d like to close this entry with the simple, but fitting words of Sir Toppem Hat (as recently quoted from one of my son’s Thomas the Tank storybooks) “Helping others is important… and it doesn’t hurt a bit.” My deepest thanks to all of you for helping me. I look forward to returning your precious favors.


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